Cannot initiate a phone call while in Intercom group

My friend and I were testing the latest firmware release (A2DP profile for Phone 2 and GPS).  Part of our testing included trying to make and receive phone phone calls while in an intercom communication.  What we discovered was:

1.  When in Intercom communication, neither of us could initiate a phone call.  The Phone button did nothing.  

2.  When in intercom communication, we could both receive phone calls by clicking the Phone button.  

3.  When the Group Intercom was terminated, we were both able to initiate phone calls.  The Phone button behaved normally. 

Our conclusion is that being in Intercom disables the ability to initiate a phone call.   That doesn't seem right.  Shouldn't a user that happens to be in a group be able to make a phone call without breaking up the group?   Phone calls are supposed to be the higher priority (just under ambient)

I'm asking for other users to please confirm our findings and let us know here.  It takes at least two users in Intercom communication.  Then try to initiate a phone call.   Then, terminate the Intercom and try again.  

Thank you. 


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