Music from iPhone audio cuts out on 20s

I have a Sena 20s purchased in 2014 with firmware 1.6 and an iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.2. About a month ago I noticed when playing music using Apple Music with music stored locally on the phone (not streamed) the music would suddenly randomly stop playing after a time ranging from 10 seconds to 3 songs. On the iPhone Apple Music is still playing the music but no audio can be heard through the 20s. Attempts to stop and start result in the iPhone showing that the music stops and starts but it is not played over the 20s. The 20s responds with audio when adjusting volume or pressing to stop/start audio. Siri also responds when I click the phone button but I cannot get the music to come through the 20s again until on the iPhone I deselect the 20s as the audio out device and reselect it. I do not have any issues with phone calls or intercom.

My troubleshooting steps have been to do a factory reset on the 20s 4 times in a row (no change). Re-pairing the iPhone multiple times (no change). I tried downgrading to the 20s to firware 1.5 (no change). I also tried using different music apps and they have the same behavior. I also tried using a tablet running Android 5.1 and the behavior persists. 

Most of my usage for the 20s has been music so not being able to play music for longer than a couple minutes has been very frustrating. What can I do to resolve this issue?


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