Garmin 595LM, Scala packtalk and SMH10 connection with 20S Evo

Now that I've gotten carpal tunnel from scrolling through the questions, I hope someone will be able to answer my odd question.

I am planning on buying a 20S Evo.  I have one friend who has the Cardo Packtalk and another with an SMH10.  I will also have a Garmin 595LM I will be using solely for GPS functions.  I use my phone for music and calls.  I will not be riding with these two people at the same time.

I've read a lot of issues with not being able to do certain things when using the bluetooth connection which as I understand is the only way I can connect to someone with another brand.

So, will I be able to use my Garmin for GPS, my phone for music and calls and still be able to intercom with either the Cardo user or the Sena user (again, never both units at the same time)?  Also, will I be able to share music if I have a passenger using an SMH10?

As of right now, I have the SMH10 (newest version) and I can't connect with my Garmin AND listen to music through my phone.  That's why I'm upgrading to the 20S Evo.   Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!


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