Garmin 595LM, Scala packtalk and SMH10 connection with 20S Evo



  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    You can have phone as the primary phone connection to the 20s but I don't think you can add the Garmin to 20s when you are having the Cardo connected through universal intercom. Sena to Sena is a different story.  You can pair the phone to the 20s, the Garmin through navigation pairing and intercom through intercom pairing.

    You may be able to pair phone to Garmin then Garmin to 20s then Cardo to universal intercom but I haven't done that.  Perhaps others have more experience here?

    You can download the 20s EVO manual and go through it - it shows a diagram for a separate phone, GPS and intercom connection Sena to Sena but not for separate phone, GPS, and universal intercom Sena to Cardo.

  • Vvirg

    Thanks for the info!  I'll look into the manual!


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