Garbage phone call quality

I'm on my third Sena headset and I'm about to take a hammer to the latest two. I started out with the SMH10 and it was great. I really only listen to music from my phone, talk on the phone, and dictate texts, and the SMH10 was outstanding for all of them. People couldn't even tell I was on the phone.

But then I got new-itis and decided to upgrade to a 20S. Music still worked but the volume was pitiful, and phone call quality became terrible for the person I was talking to. They couldn't understand me half the time. And dictating texts or call commands? Forget it. "Call my wife" became "Call mom?" and saying "No" was interpreted as yes.

I upgraded my phone and the issues continued.

So now I've upgraded to a 50S and the issues continue. Dictation is impossible, people on the other end of my calls can hear all kinds of road noise but can barely hear me. I'm seriously about to chuck all of them in the trash.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting pointers that will fix the issue? I'm fed up.

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