10U not recognized by PC or MAC



  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill

    Same problem here, i just bought the unit and it won't update

  • chris needham
    chris needham

    Ok, so i finally figured it out.. The Sena 10U unit designed for the Klim Krios helmet won't update using the Sena Bluetooth Manager... God only knows why!!!

    In order to update the software you need to download the Klim Device Manager software.. You can find it here:


    It's basically the same as the Sena Bluetooth manager but Klim branded... I downloaded it and had no problems on my MAC,  instantly recognized and firmware updated straight away.. 

    Hope this solves the issue for you.. 



  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill

    I solved my issue too. It was operator error! I was pressing the + key not the - key. Oops!

  • Chris

    my sena 10u charges, light goes blue but doesn't turn on (that i can hear anyway). tried updating the firmware using Schuberths app for the Sena but doesn't recognize my connected unit.


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