Freewire wont charge - Charge light flashes blue and red rapidly



  • Jody Prather
    Jody Prather

    Hope this helps someone in the future because I sure couldn't find any info on this problem.

    So I suspected that the battery had failed and I had already read in a couple of places that the Battery in the Freewire was not replaceable. It says this on the Sena website and this is simply not true.

    It was pretty easy to figure out that the battery was bad by just taking the 4 screws out of the back of the unit. The battery had swelled up so much that it was pressing against the circuit board on the inside of the Freewire. The battery attaches to the Circuit Board by a clip that is very easy to remove.

    The original battery has a Part Number of LP 432543 and is a 3.7V battery with 400mAh. I looked for this exact part number and was able to find a few online but they were all in China and I'm in the US so I really wanted to try and find something closer but didn't have any luck.

    On Amazon I was able to find a battery that had a different part number. I found part number 702540 which is a 3.7v battery with 500mHa. That's ok because that just means more capacity. I found a review for the 702540 where a user listed the measurements and the battery was very close in size to the original. I paid the $7.39 and in two days it arrived.

    I found that the size was perfect. Almost exactly the same as the original. I also found that the end that clips onto the Circuit Board was different than the original so I had to splice the original clip onto the new battery.

    I plugged it in and now my Freewire is working good as new!

    Hope this helps someone else! Thanks, Jody


  • Chris Erkmann
    Chris Erkmann

    Be VERY careful if you choose to pull original clip off of the circuit board.  It is held by two tiny solder joints, and if you yank them apart, the unit is likely toast.  Carefully pry off, or consider leaving in place and splicing.  


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