Sena 20s + Pixel 2 xl making phone calls


My Sena is on firmware 2.0.2, no other update is listed.

My phone is on Android 10 build number QQ3A.200805.001, no updates are available.

Previously I was able to tap the rear button and use voice commands to make calls, I could just say "call <insert name>" and it would work. I didn't do this often, but came in handy when needed. I do not know when this stopped working, so I can't even guess if it correlates with any update.

My current issue is making calls while the phone is locked and in my pocket. It seems to work if the phone is unlocked. I have the voice assistant enable to work on locked screen.


I tried turning off the Adaptive Battery setting as suggested here,https://community.sena.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360062732231-Sena-20s-and-Pixel-4-XL-Android-10, but that made no change.

I tried with and without the Battery Save option on, both fail.


Does anyone know a fix for this or other settings to try?



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