Three-way Intercom

Three-way Universal Intercom

You may make a three-way Universal Intercom connection with two
10Ss and one non-Sena Bluetooth headset. If the intercom connection
is made, all headsets connected cannot use the mobile phone call
function since the connection between the headset and the phone is
disconnected temporarily. If you disconnect the intercom call, the
mobile phone connection is made again automatically so that you can
use a mobile phone call function.

1. You (A) need to be paired with a non-Sena Bluetooth headset
(B) and another 10S headset (C) for the three-way conference

2. Start an intercom conversation with non-Sena Bluetooth headset
(B) in your intercom group. For example, you (A) may start an
intercom conversation with non-Sena Bluetooth headset (B). The
non-Sena Bluetooth headset (B) may also start an intercom call
with you (A).

3. The other 10S (C) may join the intercom by making an intercom
call to you (A).

4. Now you (A), non-Sena Bluetooth headset (B), and the other 10S
(C) are having a three-way conference intercom.

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