Intercom Pairing

Pairing with Other 3S Headsets for Intercom Conversation

The 3S can be paired with another headset for Bluetooth intercom

1. Turn on the two 3S headsets (A and B) that you would like to pair with each other.

2. Press and hold the (–) Button of the headset A and B for 5 seconds until the red LEDs of both units start to flash rapidly. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Intercom pairing”.

3. Simply press the (–) Button of either of the two headsets A or B (It doesn’t matter that you choose A or B) and wait until the LEDs of both headsets turn to blue and intercom connection is automatically established. The two 3S headsets A and B are paired with each other for intercom conversation. If the pairing process is not completed within one minute, the 3S will return to stand-by mode.

Starting and Ending Intercom Conversation

1. You can start an intercom conversation with your intercom friend by pressing and holding the (–) Button for 1 second.

2. To terminate an intercom conversation, press and hold the (–) Button for 1 second again.

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