iPhone connection issues

When connecting my Sena 20S to my iPhone, It appears to work sporadically.  I get a double beep in my headset indicating it's connect.  The first issue, It appears connected, but sometimes looking at the phone bluetooth setting, nothing is actually connected to the phone.  Key word here sometimes.  

Second issue, everything is connected, and out enjoying my day, and need to make a call.  Headset states I must first unlock my phone to make a call.  Wait, the whole reason for this was to avoid having to pull over to make a call.  I might as well get earbuds and a mic...

Last season, I enjoyed this for several months with no issues, on my Android, is this just not capable of working with Apple products, or is the flavor of the phone matter...  This is extremely frustrating, and I'm almost to a point of trashing the whole thing.


Keep in mind, there are times the system does work, no changes on my end, simply random on how this will act.  But just because it works, when I start off does not mean it will work 30 minutes later.  How do I fix this....


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