Checking the Battery Level

Checking the Battery Level

LED Indicator

When the headset or the Handlebar Remote is powering on, their red LED flashes rapidly indicating the battery level.

4 flashes = High, 70~100%
3 flashes = Medium, 30~70%
2 flashes = Low, 0~30%

Voice Prompt Indicator

When you power on the headset, keep pressing the (+) Button and the (−) Button simultaneously for about 3 seconds until you hear three, high toned beeps. Then you will hear a voice prompt indicating the battery level. However, if you release the buttons as soon as the headset turns on, you will not hear the voice prompt for the battery level indication.

1. The battery performance may be reduced over time with usage.
2. Battery life may vary depending on conditions, environmental factors, functions of the product in use, and devices used with it.


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