Remote Control

If your Handlebar Remote becomes disconnected from your headset, check if they have enough battery power or if they are not separated by more than 10 meters. If they are low on battery, recharge and try again. If they are too far apart, bring them closer. If they are still disconnected, try pairing them again by following the procedure below.

1. Turn on the 10U and the Handlebar Remote.

2. Press the (+) Button for 10 seconds to enter the configuration menu. Tap the (+) Button until you hear a voice prompt saying, “Remote control pairing”. Press the (−) Button to enter into Remote Control Pairing mode and the red LED will flash rapidly and you will hear multiple beeps.

3. On the Handlebar Remote, press the Rear Button for 5 seconds until its LED flashes red and blue. The 10U will automatically perform pairing with the Handlebar Remote in pairing mode. The Handlebar Remote’s LED will flash blue every two seconds and you will hear a voice prompt, “Remote control connected” when they are successfully connected. 

Using the Handlebar Remote


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