Four-Way Intercom

You can have four-way conference intercom with three other SMH10R users by adding one more intercom participant to the three-way intercom. While you are having three-way intercom, a new participant (D), who is an intercom friend of your intercom friend (C), may join the conference intercom by making an intercom call to your intercom friend (C). Please note that in this case, the new participant (D) is an intercom friend of (C), not of you (A).SMH10R_-_Four_Way_Intercom.PNG

As in the case of three-way intercom, you can completely exit from the four-way conference intercom or just disconnect a single intercom connection. 1. Press the Center Button for 1 second until you hear a beep to terminate four-way conference intercom. It terminates the intercom connections between you (A), and your intercom friends (B) and (C). 2. Tap or double tap the Center Button to disconnect the intercom connection with one of the two intercom friends accordingly. However, when you disconnect the second friend (C) by double tapping the Center Button, you will be disconnected with the third participant (D) as well. This is because the third participant (D) is connected with you via the second friend (C).

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