Remote Control

You can remotely control the 10C via Bluetooth using the Handlebar Remote (sold separately). This eliminates the need to take off your hand for button operations. Your 10C and the Handlebar Remote must be paired together before use. 16.1 Pairing with the Handlebar Remote

1. Turn on the 10C and the Handlebar Remote.

2. Press the Jog Dial for 10 seconds to enter the configuration menu. Rotate the Jog Dial until you hear a voice prompt saying, “Remote control pairing”. Press the Phone Button to enter into Remote Control Pairing mode and the red LED will flash rapidly and you will hear multiple beeps. Please refer to section 15.1.11, “Remote Control Pairing” for more details.

3. On the Handlebar Remote, press the Rear Button for 5 seconds until its LED flashes red and blue. The 10C will automatically perform pairing with the Handlebar Remote in pairing mode. The Handlebar Remote’s LED will flash blue every two seconds when they are successfully connected..

Using the Handlebar Remote Handlebar Remote button operations on various functions are described in the table below. Type Operation Button Command LED Basic Function Volume adjustment Move the Joystick up or down - Configuration menu Press the Front Button for 10 seconds - Mobile phone Mobile phone pairing Press the Joystick for 5 seconds Blue & red alternatively flashing Second mobile phone pairing Press the Front Button for 5 seconds Red flashing Tap the Rear Button within 2 seconds Answer & end phone call Tap the Rear Button - Voice dial Tap the Rear Button - Speed dial Double tap the Rear Button - Reject incoming call Press the Front Button for 2 seconds -

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