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  • Laurentiu

    Thank you for these details. I was about to ask you regarding this behavior.

    I have one question if you may.

    As far as I understand from the above explanation if I receive the Low Battery notification (which is too low to hear it if you are using the FM Radio while Recording, but let's suppose I hear it) if I put my Sena 10C to charge using the CHARGER 5V (B-TYPE) I MUST STOP the FM Radio if I want to use the Recording function. If I do that I can Start the Recording again and it will go on until I stop it manually (and no Low Battery notification will be received).

    Could you please confirm if I understood correctly?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Patrick Rader
    Patrick Rader

    I have been using the camera for a few weeks with no issues.  But the past few days I get the "Battery Low, Camera Off" message when the 10C is fully charged (four red flashes when I turn it on).  This happens a few seconds after I turn on video recording.  I am using Firmware 1.04.  I can take still photos but it will not record video.  


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